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Welcome to the Muffin official website! Muffin is a guild in the social mmorpg Dream of Mirror Online. Muffin is a guild that focus primarily on having a friendly, helpful community. We aim to help eachother with personal goals and tasks. Need help picking out a hair dye to look adorable? Not a problem! Maybe you have a really tough quest you're stuck with? We can help with that too! A lot of fun goes on in this guild, but it's not all socializing, contests and games. We do have real, major goals for Muffin itself. Everyone in the guild pulls their weight to help reach those goals of becoming one of the largest, most active, friendliest communities ever. Everyone has little jobs and tasks they can to do in order to help out; though we're not an extremely strict guild by any means.

We do have a Council made up of the Chairperson, Elders and Branch Heads, but I like to think the guild runs itself. Afterall without members, Muffin would be nothing as a guild; would it? It's up to all of us to pull our own weight and keep it urnning smoothly. The Council will be there to help guide people a long and keep the guild drama-llama free; but the entire guild will be addressed when it comes to any big decisions regarding the guild.

Guild Joining Status

Muffin's current recruitment level is open

Learn about Recruitment Levels here

Branch Tasks

Elder Item Gathering


Class Skill Items


Banana Nut,
Farming & Fishing


Forestry & Herding


Meditation & Mining

Learn more here

Current Guild Goals

Level 5 Guild - 1,300 Fame, 70k

Getting the guild to level 5 gets us one step closer to growing and slowly climbing up. We don't really unlock anything at this level sadly aside from more member slots. However we'll need to reach this level to go onward to the other levels where we will unlock things

Elephant Decoration - 500 Farming, 1,000 Mining, 100k Gold

Decorative statue for the guild cottage; planning ahead for it as well.

Getting more jobs to 50 -

In order to do Tier 2 quest we need more people higher in level; about level 50 is a good area to do them at. Tier 2 quests give nice rewards, especialyl gear and things we can use later on to get prepared for raids and dungeons. This is a community goal, so nothing is needed aside from leveling your jobs. We need a bit of everything at this point honestly, mainly tanks.


Shippo: I still remember... Jul 6, 2018 2:41:20 GMT -5
Shippo: I REMEMBER Sept 17, 2017 0:30:47 GMT -5
riddlestyx: holy fuck you gave me a real fisting there Feb 15, 2016 6:21:40 GMT -5
Maltose: FIST ME Feb 15, 2016 6:21:23 GMT -5
sinclair: start on 19th July 10 AM PST Jul 19, 2015 9:14:10 GMT -5
sinclair: just want to inform you, there will be pet exchange event for 20 player only Jul 19, 2015 9:13:34 GMT -5
sinclair: you guys need to do Shall we Dance!! :P Jun 24, 2015 4:52:44 GMT -5
meowmageddon: Mewp Jun 19, 2015 14:01:40 GMT -5
Avalin (Zombie): xD Jun 1, 2015 14:06:46 GMT -5
sinclair: Need Cheap Rock!! xD May 25, 2015 5:00:31 GMT -5
Shippo: ROCKIN EVERYWHERE May 22, 2015 16:45:31 GMT -5
kiera: BOOTY May 22, 2015 10:53:49 GMT -5
Avalin (Zombie): o3o May 20, 2015 1:49:13 GMT -5
sinclair: :P May 6, 2015 20:37:27 GMT -5
Illuminati: beep beep May 5, 2015 22:21:37 GMT -5
Avalin (Zombie): Just gotta message me lol Apr 24, 2015 14:46:11 GMT -5
Avalin (Zombie): I hide offline a lot Apr 24, 2015 14:46:04 GMT -5
Ciel: I go on skype and your never on it o.o Apr 24, 2015 12:08:16 GMT -5
Avalin (Zombie): o3o you need to get on Skype more Apr 22, 2015 17:24:51 GMT -5
Ciel: anyone there please need to speak to ava Apr 21, 2015 12:01:21 GMT -5
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